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Loukia Tzannides : Poems

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In the early morning broad roads are open
clean from human scrap
erased from yesterday's memories, errors and suffering.
To an unknown destination I go
without questioning.
No demand, no fear.
Only openness to new experience
Loving the way rather than the aim.
Winners and losers of a battle
that never took place.
Ponds and forests
houses and windmills.
Here the glance rests
on the green and dark blue .
the meandering river forms ponds without issue
then takes again its main course
I like all, everything moves me
But it's too early to say "I love"
Lesson of life
I know now that the pleasure of a moment 
Brings to eternity every hour, every year, and every life.
I know how wisdom is transmuted to happiness here and there and everywhere, 
When Love inundates your whole being.
Death is not the supreme sorrow
but that we procreated mortals
destined to die
And the Mower
the ripe or unripe fruit 
undoubtedly and inevitably would gather
to the mere “nothing” to deliver.
Unless he brings them to the Sower of eternal life,
the Inventor of everlasting movement.
Don’t abandon me, ghosts,
My faithful friends
Don’t abandon me!
Because of you and for your sake
I persist and insist.
As I can all you cannot anymore
But only by playing harp
through the chords of my soul.
The above two poems have been published on May 2006,in “The world poets quarterly” volume No 42.
(The Lake has talked)
When by me you are,
Think only of me,
to me to be identified.
Never think of the rival mistress 
of the open sea!
Wish what you have! 
As yours it is,
desire is banished by itself
from the present,
the only reality
in the middle of the trouble of uncertainty.
Dismiss nostalgia of the definitively lost
you are eager to revive.
Yet is the desire of unachievable
and of what as an eel slips away,
what others jealously keep.
Islands and cities
Churches and temples
All you will never obtain
Dreamed love is non-existent
It is your soul’s torment.
Break the chains 
of “wish” and “must”
if seeking for Happiness.
Expectations – Treacheries
Self-deceits  - Illusions
All, All, in my arms
NOW sink in!
This poem was published on May 2007, in The World Poets Quarterly, volume No 46.
Time and space are filled with hope
Hopes charged with rejuvenating energy
Striving to appropriate the days and nights
That wait in front of us gazing provocatively.
A challenge to take up:
“How high can you fly?”
As high as you put the bar
As high as you need to face the deep sea,
Premonition of infinity 
The resounding roar of the sea 
disposed in the damp sand 
the greetings from the open ocean. 
I was seeking for the blue you had not 
but you weren’t missing it 
for you were mirroring the magic sky 
from the cotton clouds in numerous shades of gray 
to the pale hesitant light blue. 
Fresh Breeze, blessed, 
you imbued me with the rich iodine 
of the Northern Seas.  
Τhe star of the North flickered 
to deposit me in distant lands 
with silken wings of imagination 
nostalgia’s debt to pay off. 
Last born little lonely bird
I am waiting to take me with you.  
The anchor I lift determined 
in the open sea to sail away. 
Bottomless, I know, the depths of expectation. 
Though, away I go. 
I am leaving, to get me close to you 
Farther than you to sail 
In the shelter of love to wait 
for a sign that I'm still alive
Την αποζητούσαν διακαώς όλοι κι εγώ μαζί τους.
Όμως τους έλειπε ο κώδικας ο μυστικός
Είχε χαθεί στα βάθη των αιώνων.
Μα όταν πλησίασε η Μορφή
Και τη μαγική λέξη με ρώτησε
Σαν από έμπνευση θεϊκή της αποκρίθηκα:
«Δως μου την πρώτη συλλαβή,
την επόμενη να συλλαβίσω» 
«Χα» είπε χαιρέκακα εκείνη
προσμένοντας το «ρος»
όμως αντέταξα το «ρα», χαρά.
«Χαρακίρι» είπε τότε πεισματικά.
«Όχι, χρυσή μου. Χάραμα χαράζει
και τίποτα πια δεν το εμποδίζει
Χάρη χαρίζει!»
«Στρεψοδικία!» αναφώνησε η μορφή 
και χάθηκε στο χάος.

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